GiFT: Intergenerational Ministry

GiFT goes into its second year!

GiFT (short for "Growing in Faith Together") is a core ministry of Eastridge Presbyterian Church, wildly creative, and daringly intergenerational. On the second Sunday of each month, GiFT invites people of all ages to worship, learn, and serve together.

Who is GiFT for?

For everyone: For Singles, couples, moms and dads, college students, teenagers, kids, grandmas and grandpas, empty nesters, newcomers, working people, retired people, people with pets, and for those without. In short: for everyone (did we say that already?).

What are the goals of GiFT?

GiFT reclaims God’s intent for faith to be shared in community and across generations. Through a experience of families learning together, sharing faith, praying together, serving and celebrating rituals and traditions, GiFT helps connect families and individuals who want to spend more quality time together. GiFT builds relationships between the generations and fosters teamwork across the congregation. By sharing our faith stories and learning from each other, we Grow in Faith Together.

What does a GiFT Sunday look like?

Creative Worship

GiFT starts at 9 AM with a joint worship service for the whole congregation.

Event-Centered Learning

At the heart of GiFT is a shared learning experience that centers around the events of our community and engages all ages.

Gathered around the Table

A GiFT morning culminates in a time of fellowship and a meal together.

Faith at Home

GiFT offers practical ways to nurture the faith of families and individuals in our daily lives.